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Baydog Captain's Wheel and Buoy Bumper Dog Toys

As part of my internship with Baydog, I was asked to help them expand their line of dog toys. Because many of their products are focused on boating and water activities, we decided on a nautical theme for the toys, and I had fun coming up with and prototyping a variety of concepts. 

Internship Project 

Completed for Baydog | 2020

My Role

I created all the concepts for the toys as well as the 3D models and prototypes. Using these assets, I presented my ideas to the team at Baydog, sent the selected designs to the vendor, and communicated with the vendor on design execution. 



With an understanding of what Baydog was looking for, I started out by brainstorming fun sea animals and nautical elements that could be re-interpreted as toys. 


CAD Development

I made CAD models of my concepts to prepare for rendering product visuals, 3D printing prototypes, and eventually injection molding and manufacturing. 

Untitled_Artwork 8.png


3D Printing

After the initial CAD development, four toys were chosen to move forward with for prototyping. I 3D printed these full-scale models to get a sense of sizing and some preliminary user-feedback from my dog. 

Stuff-er Fish Treat Ball

Doggie Paddle

Buoy Bumper

Captain's Wheel

Final Designs

Captain's Wheel

This toy is nautically inspired and designed to give your dog a variety of ways to chew and play,

Durable rubber for tough chewers and hours of water play

Sailing rope wrapped over the rubber for grip and chewing

Wheel spokes offer hand placement for throwing

Strong sailing rope loops for tugging and throwing

Durable rubber for tough chewers and hours of water play

Raised bumps for chewing and grip

Buoy Bumper

This fun water toy was inspired by the colorful crab pot buoys dotting the Chesapeake Bay and is perfect for a game of fetch.

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