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Macy's The Cellar - Kitchen Gadgets

The goal for this project was to introduce a line of core kitchen gadgets to Macy's "The Cellar" brand. Prior to the launch of this collection, The Cellar brand only had a few one-off kitchen items, and these gadgets were designed to round out the assortment.

Professional Project 

Completed for Macy's | 2022

Defining the Project Scope

The Cellar is known as a modern, yet approachable brand, so the priority for the design was to create something functional and familiar that still felt unique. Competitive pricing and differentiating from other brands that Macy's sells was also a huge part of the design criteria, and the design team was challenged to come up with unique, cost-effective solutions while maintaining product quality and design integrity.

My Role

As the primary designer on this project, I brainstormed and sketched design ideas, created presentation renders, 3D modeled and printed designs, generated spec sheets, and collaborated with other teams at Macy's to ensure everyone felt confident in the product. Throughout the project, I also interfaced directly with the vendor to work through manufacturing challenges and verify quality and execution.



I started off by sketching different components of the utensils to get a sense of what the team was gravitating towards. Once we narrowed in on a specific design direction, I pieced the selected components together into complete utensil designs, worked out the dimensions, and selected colors.

SketchPagesArtboard 1.jpg

Concept Development

After ideation sketching and brainstorming, I created a set of 2D renders to help visualize and present the collection to key stakeholders in the early stages of development. 

SketchPagesArtboard 2.jpg


3D Printing

Prior to tooling and opening molds, we reviewed 3D prints with the team to verify ergonomics, form factor, and dimensions.

SketchPagesArtboard 3.jpg

Final Collection

Nylon Utensils

This configuration has nylon heads to minimize scratching cookware paired with an ergonomic silicone handle.


Stainless - Steel Utensils

Different customers have different material preferences, so we partnered with the vendor to modify the construction of the nylon utensils to offer a stainless-steel option in the same design.

Baking Utensils

Two sizes of icing spatulas, a cake server, and a whisk use the same handle as the other utensils in the collection.

WebsitePicsSlicing and Serving.jpg

Slicing & Serving

An ice cream scoop, pizza wheel, and cheese slicer use the same handle as the other utensils in the collection.

Wood Utensils

Although the head of the utensils were modified in the wood construction, the handle is the same as the other utensils, so each utensil, regardless of material, connects to the others.

Ceramic Accessories

Meant to be displayed on the countertop, this utensil crock, butter keeper, and salt cellar were designed to complement each other and the utensils in the collection.

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