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Macy's The Cellar - Holiday Collection

Created for Macy's "The Cellar" brand, this collection is a fun take on Christmas. Focusing on holiday lights and the theme of the elf, we added in cute holiday phrases and playful interactions between the elves. As the first collection I completed at Macy's, I learned how to design and curate a full collection while also gaining an understanding of the design process in a professional setting.

Professional Project 

Completed for Macy's | 2021

Defining the Project Scope

For this collection, the design team received direction to build out a collection using Christmas lights and elves as the primary motifs. This is a collection that Macy's does every year, so we had fun adding new elements and designing something that felt different from years prior.

My Role

As the primary designer on this project, I created the concepts, pattern illustrations, presentation renders, and spec sheets for the products. I also helped edit the artwork and collaborated with our vendors to ensure correct quality and design execution before the collection went into production. 


Concept Development

After ideation sketching and brainstorming, I created a set of 2D renders to help visualize and present the collection in the early stages of development. 


From Sketch to Spec to Sample

Once the collection was confirmed, I took the sketches and sent dimensions to the vendor. From there, I reviewed all samples for quality before approving for production.


Final Collection

Santa Platter

Designed as a fun conversation-starting piece, this Santa serving platter has a removeable moustache dip bowl for easy cleaning and a touch of novelty. 


Lightbulb Server

Perfect for serving holiday appetizers, this lightbulb serving platter has four figural bowls and a convenient handle integrated into the design. 

Salad Plates

I helped create the decals for these salad plates featuring mischievous elves getting into the Christmas spirit. 


Stackable Mugs

I helped create the decals for these stackable mugs where the four mugs are stacked to reveal a fun Christmas scene.


Reminiscent of lights wrapping around a Christmas tree, I designed the decals for this holiday drinkware to evoke the charm and tradition of decorating the tree.


Felt Table Linens

This figural felt table runner, set of lightbulb coasters, and snowflake placemat were designed to add a pop of color and elevate a more casual holiday tablescape. 


Setting the Table

One of my favorite parts of the design process is seeing it all come together at the end.

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