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Snap-On x SCADPro Collaboration

For this collaboration, Snap-on came to SCAD with a project to design a line of cycling tools for Bahco, one of their European brand divisions. In ten weeks, our team of 17 students researched, designed, and presented to Snap-on 13 new tool concepts focused on improving the experience of cyclists and bike mechanics alike.

Group Project 

Completed for Snap-On | 2020

Defining the Opportunity

As innovations within the cycling world have made bikes faster and lighter, the tools used to work on these bikes have remained largely untouched. Our team of 17 students worked to research and develop unique tool solutions to improve the experience of mechanics and cyclists.

My Role

As part of the industrial design team, my role in this project included conducting secondary research, sketching and concept development, and CAD modeling and rendering.



The team visited a few local bike shops and spoke to mechanics and cyclists to understand the pain points experienced while using cycling tools.


"I appreciate that you guys are coming to talk to us. We really need this - cycling tools have been overlooked and improving our tools will make our job so much better!

- Ben, Shop Mechanic



With interview data to reference, the industrial design team went through multiple rounds of sketch ideation with feedback from Snap-On along the way.




Once we determined final design directions, we did multiple rounds of 3D printing to test out different concepts and form explorations for each tool.

Image from iOS (1).jpg
Image from iOS (4).jpg


After each round of 3D prints, we held usability testing sessions with cyclists and mechanics to get our prototypes directly into the hands of the users and collect feedback to continue iterating on solutions.


Final Designs

2 in 1 Tire Lever

Cyclists typically carry two tire levers to help remove the tire from the rim and in case one breaks. This 2 in 1 option saves space without compromising functionality.  

2 in 1 design takes up half the space

Raised logo provides extra grip

Friction lock

Plastic tip prevents the lever from damaging bike rims

Rubber overmold grip

Spoke hook

Mechanic Tire Lever

Mechanics typically use the same tire levers as cyclists, which prioritize saving space on a ride over comfort and ergonomics. This tire lever is designed specifically for mechanics to be more comfortable during prolonged use.

Spoke Wrench

This new take on a traditional-style spoke wrench features a brace on the back of the wrench to cradle the spoke and a diamond-oriented cutout to allow four points of contact with the spoke nipple.

4 points of contact

Brace wraps around spoke for added security

Rubberized grip

Ergo grips 

Canister viewport

Threaded neck

Press & release nozzle

CO2 Inflator

Designed to be as compact as possible, this CO2 inflator fits perfectly into any saddle bag.

Switchblade Multitool

This new take on a multi-tool is tailored to mechanics and experienced tool users with a retractable working arm and a set of interchangeable bits.

Button release for working arm

Bit storage

Button release for bit storage

Working arm locks at 90° and 180°

Three-hinge construction

Reinforced metal plates for durability

Fits 11 bits total

Three Hinge Multitool

This multi-tool is similar to traditional flip-out options, but it features an extra hinge to include more tools within the same compact footprint. 

Mechanic Spoke Wrench

Designed with mechanics in mind, this ratcheting spoke wrench reduces the number of wrist turns required to true a wheel and prevents repetitive use injuries.

Interchangeable disks for different spoke sizes

Comfortable rubber handle

Ratcheting head

Torque readout on front of the tool for ambidextrous adjustment

Pop-up torque indicator

Rubber handle

Torque Screwdriver

Made for mechanics, this torque screwdriver features a pop-up button to indicate when the desired torque is reached to prevent damage to the bike.

Thru Axle

Designed for speed, this thru axle features a new quick release mechanism to quickly secure to or remove the axle from the hub of the bike in one motion.

Adjustable dial

Quick-release teeth

Force sensors

Mounted to the bottom of the cleat

Power Meter

This power meter attaches to the bottom of the cyclists' cleat to give an accurate power readout. If the cyclist does not want to buy two, it can be swapped between cleats to program it to read both sides simultaneously. 

Tool Backpack

This tool backpack was designed specifically for race-day mechanics for quick and easy access to all their essential tools.

Side pockets for quick tool access

Hooks attach to the seats of the chase car to give mechanics room to work

Pull-out drawer and work area

Modular tool inserts 

Travel Case

The larger or our two tool bag options, this travel case combines a pull-out workstation with dedicated and customizable storage for a wide range of tools.

In Action

Final Prototypes

We 3D printed final prototypes to present to the client to represent the look and feel of our final designs.

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